Slug: the-anti-brent Date: 2000-10-11 Title: The anti-Brent layout: post

Brent Simmons, of Userland Software, has found the anti-Brent weblog - as in the weblogs he considers most opposite to his own. He disagrees with everything on it. I wonder which one it is?

Well, it's not this one, I'm sure. But after reading Brent's site for a while, I would say that I'm probably close to an anti-Brent politically. Brent is an unabashed, proud, Democrat. I, on the other hand, have voted Republican in every election I've had the privilege to vote in, and generally find George-Bush-is-a-moron jokes in bad taste.

It's not really that I consider myself a dyed-in-the-wool Republican. It's just that I disagree, in principle, with just about everything that liberals believe, especially when it comes to the solutions they propose to this country's problems.

At the core is my belief that the true strength of this nation lies in the freedom of the individual - all individuals, not just rich ones as most Democrats would have you believe - and not in the so-called benevolence of our Government.

I believe that indivuals create the wealth we enjoy, and that it is not the government's place to re-distribute it to make things "fair". Life isn't fair. That means redistribution via taxes, income or otherwise, OR "so-called" tax-cuts that actually give money to those who pay little to no taxes, while raising the burden on those who create the wealth in this nation.

I do believe in supply-side economics.

I do not believe that all money is the Government's, and we should be grateful that they let us keep any of it at all. That kind of thinking gave us the Soviet Union.

Well. That's the fiscal part of my rant, perhaps some other time I'll go off on the media.