Slug: the-anti-teen-pop Date: 2000-10-31 Title: The-Anti-Teen-Pop layout: post

An old friend popped in to ask, on the subject of Teen Pop:

yes I agree that teen pop must die, but what will follow?

I don't know yet. But here's why I hate teen pop.

I prefer the home-grown, young-punks-in-a-garage, toured-podunksville-for-four-years-before-being-discovered appproach. Bands that sing from experience, who write their own stuff, and live or die by it. Bands that can survive almost being named "The Hype" before realizing their insanity and taking the name of a spyplane instead. Bands that can survive their lead singer being almost completely unintelligible for most of his career.

What's coming next? Dunno. What do you think?</i>