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Maybe someday there will be a Daring Fireball app, but I still haven’t thought of a reason to make one that would be better than just reading DF on the web.

When I read John’s comments in his latest Fireball post, my initial reaction was to completely agree. Daring Fireball is a well written, simply designed, and great blog. Almost immediately thereafter, however, I had a thought: what if there was an app that, once purchased, allowed you to comment on Fireball posts? Sort of pay-for-play if you will. The app would:

  • Handle some kind of authentication
  • Send push notifications of new Fireball posts
  • Allow the user to comment on posts
  • Send push notifications of new comments for any post that the user commented on

Importantly, the comments would only be available in the app, not on the public web, similarly to how Instagram works. I think this would raise the bar on who is going to comment and what they say, in that 1) only other paying DF App users would be participating in the conversation, and 2) no publicly-visible comment view to attract trolls.

Good idea? Bad idea? Too much like the “get our app” popups on the big media sites?