Slug: the-girls-in-school Date: 2006-01-11 Title: The Girl’s In School! layout: post

Wow, Adelina started pre-school yesterday. She had a good day yesterday - a bit teary when she realized that mommy wasn’t staying, but then she had a great time! Today… man, she did NOT want to get out of bed!! :-) After we got her calmed down and reminded her about her new friends, she perked up and was out the door with few problems. Jodi dropped her off at school and she linked arms with her classmates and off she went!

This has been really cool. Adelina is in a ‘Total Communication” classroom, which means that they focus on helping her learn to communicate in whatever way works for her - sign, speech, gesture, etc. While I think this may not be a long-term plan of education, I think for now it’s awesome - it gives Adelina the best chance to communicate what’s going on her gorgeous little head, and that’s a Good Thing&trademark;.