Slug: the-ia-of-weblog-calendars Date: 2003-03-12 Title: The IA of Weblog Calendars layout: post

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As someone interested in information architecture, I find the typical weblog calendar to be ill-suited to its task. Ostensibly the idea is to show the user what days have posts and let them navigate back and forth in time to view weblog posts.

Quite often, I've watched users who are unfamiliar with what to expect clicking around on calendar days that have no content (and are not linked), because they can't tell which days are which.

Why show them all those days with no content? I came up with an idea for a calendar structure that is a bit simpler, nicer on the eyes, and only shows the user days that have content.

It could be even better: the "next month/previous month" links are a bit mysterious, and I'm not sure yet whether the next month belongs on top or on bottom. It also has the possibility of getting overly long for weblogs with a consistent pattern of posting. I'd be interested in feedback from folks with more of an IA background than myself.