Slug: the-inauguration Date: 2005-01-25 Title: The Inauguration layout: post

Via Journal of Election Madness: Yushchenko's Inauguration

>As far as the number of people there, it beat New Years hands down. There were people everywhere. They went up the hill, down the street, up behind everything, out into European Square, and more. For safety reasons no one was allowed on the bridge we saw Tymoshenko from in late November, so some people had clambered out on the support beams under the bridge. It did Lesya and my hearts' good to see the excitement level so high for what is essentially a formality, and one that is rarely even presented to the public, let alone presented to an uncountable mass of the public.

>It also did us good to see a bunch of younger Ukrainians with us clambering and slipping on their way up icy slopes and through back alleys to try to get to a speech that all of us must have known we'd already missed.

Read the post for more on Yushchenko's speech. This is an exciting time for the people of Ukraine!