Slug: the-p-in-p2p-photos Date: 2002-03-05 Title: “The P in P2P: Photos” layout: post

John Robb wants a P2P photo app:

Sharing photos is still too hard. I can send photos via e-mail or post a couple to the Web, but I can't easily share whole albums with friends and family. What I want is a desktop content management system that lets me organize my photos into albums using a browser interface. I then would like to share these albums with friends and family using P2P.

John wants a browser app, instead I think I would want something more like iPhoto. Why have a desktop app without a desktop interface, especially with something as WYSIWYG as working with digital photography? iPhoto already has several ways to "share" your pictures - a plugin could be written for iPhoto that would P2P-enable the app. Now, that would be cool.