Slug: the-secret-of-my-christmas-tree-success Date: 2007-11-25 Title: The Secret of My (Christmas Tree) Success layout: post

I setup our pre-lit Christmas tree last night, and discovered to my dismay that four different strands of the pre-installed lights were not lighting.


I tried checking the initial bulb in each strand (typically with a white socket), checking the fuses in the strands, and replacing various burnt-out bulbs. Nothing was working. I spent this morning helping the church men setup one of the church homes for a ladies event next week, and one of the guys mentioned checking Ace Hardware for the individual mini-light bulbs I was looking for (needed to replace burnt-out bulbs).

I stopped by Ace this afternoon and the first person I talked to (helpful employees!) showed me to the bulbs I needed. Head home, and they’re not doing the trick. Head back to Ace and tell them I’m trying to fix broken strands on a pre-lit tree. The girl I talked to took me right over and handed me this.


The “Lightkeeper Pro”? I was skeptical, but it was on sale and after being assured that I could bring it back if it did not work, I grabbed it and some fuses and headed back home once again.

Well dang it, if the “Lightkeeper Pro” doesn’t work exactly as advertised! I was able to test the fuses and bulbs as I went, the built-in tools for removing the bulb sockets for changing bulbs worked great, and saved my fingers q lot of pain, and more amazingly, the seemingly “magic” feature of fixing non-lighting strands by sending a static charge down the line - works! I was able to fix not only the strands that were acting up this year, but the two stands which were not working last year as well. Woo!