Slug: the-steves-jobs-and-ivy-do-the-digital-lifestyle-phase-1 Date: 2001-01-18 Title: The Steves (Jobs and Ivy) do the Digital Lifestyle, Phase 1 layout: post

At Macworld SF, Steve Jobs layed out Apple's vision for itself and the future of the Macintosh. In a 15 minute section of his keynote, he described the digital lifestyle, where our Macs become "Digital Hubs" that route information and media between the new generation of digital devices that are becoming more and more commonplace.

I perked up at this - this is how I've always believed things would shape up, and while various computer products have appeared to enable this kind of integration and convergence, it's good to see this as a core part of Apple's vision.

As a result, I've made some changes at home and work, in order to begin to shape some new habits. In no particular order:

  • AppleScript - a core of my new DL strategy. I've done some over the years with Applescript, but after two sessions at MWSF with Sal Saghoian, AppleScript product manager, I'm stoked on some new possibilities. Think Voice. ;-)
  • Palm - I've revived my Palm V, and after discovering that the Palm Desktop is emminently scriptable, am going to start hacking that to my own productive ends.
  • I'm running Mac OS 9 again at home as my main OS (I was on OS X full time) so I can take more full advantage of my scriptable apps. I'll switch back full time once OS X ships, as the important bits of Apple's new OS will be scriptable out-of-the-box.
  • I've upgraded my work Mac to OS 9, from 8.6. Big differences. This was mainly for compatibility with my home environment.
  • I've started (ok, it's a bit of a lark) working on an applescript-based digital assistant named Ziggy (for now). Ziggy is an interesting experiment in Mac Text-To-Speech and Speech Recognition. He's not too bright yet, though. ;-)