Slug: this-is-my-world Date: 2006-02-15 Title: This is my world layout: post

I just got rocked by the Wayback Machine:

>###This is my world

>via Scripting News: Megnut - "Web people can tell you the first site they ever saw, they can tell you the moment they knew: This, This Is It, I Will Do This."

>###And I am

>I was sitting in the studio at Ethicom in early 1994, and I had gotten Ethicom signed up with InfiNet. I used Mosaic, on a Mac. Unlike Meg, perhaps, I don't remember the first web page I went to, but I knew then that, as Meg says, "I Will Do This". It was another year and a half before I get my wish, and I dragged several designers kicking and screaming into the world of the 216 palette, HTML, etc. We beta-tested the first versions of GoLive, we used FreeBSD, and my world was rocked.

>###The World Leader Pretend

>It's still rocking today.

(That, by the way, is from a post in 2000 on my editthispage site.)