Slug: tivo-podcasting-ii-getting-my-religion Date: 2004-11-15 Title: “TiVo & PodCasting II: Getting My Religion” layout: post

Doug Kaye (producer of IT Conversations & purveyor of fine podcasts) linked to my TiVo-casting post. Thinking on it again, I saw a couple aspects to it that I had not thought through before:

  • By getting the podcasting religion, TiVo loosens its reliance on the TV and cable networks and programmers. While this will remain the lion's share of its content for the foreseeable future, TiVo could expose it's bajillions of customers to some great new content from the un-usual suspects. it also opens a massive market to the podcasters.

  • TiVo has an award-winning, wonderfully usable, home entertainment system interface. It's usable for a variety of content types, and easily navigated with a single remote. The audio and (coming soon) video podcasts will fit in nicely with this paradigm.

  • Big seller: TiVo searches and Wishlists of podcast content, and TiVo Suggestions of related podcasts (Like IT Conversations? Maybe it will download several podcasts from the BBC, too) would be natural.

My TiVo is already using my home broadband connection to get it's programming, and it constantly records new stuff for me while I'm sleeping - why not podcasts?

So Doug, how about an IT Conversations panel on the convergence of the DVR/PVR, the reputation/suggestion services (like TiVo's), and the new channels for personal publishing and consumption of content?