Slug: tivo-podcasting-iii-close-but-no-cigar Date: 2006-03-19 Title: “TiVo & Podcasting III: Close But No Cigar” layout: post

I’ve talked a good bit about TiVo on this site, and on my early forays into listening to podcasts on my TiVo by way of the TiVo Desktop software (most recent tivo+podcasting post here ).

Recently, TiVo added podcasting support to it’s software. This is a great step, though it’s not perfect by any stretch. From my first tivocasting post:

I’d love to be able to setup a WishList that automatically downloads podcasts that match my keyword, participant, or producer search.

TiVo is going to need to partner with someone (a Technorati or similar) in order to accomplish this level of integration, but until they do I think they’re going to miss out on the kind of user interaction that their customers have come to expect.