Slug: tivo-trick-stream-internet-radio-to-your-entertainment-system Date: 2004-10-30 Title: “TiVo Trick: Stream internet radio to your entertainment system?” layout: post

Working from home today, and listening to some nice european trance in the background… through my entertainment system. How?

  1. Find a nice internet radio stream in iTunes
  2. Add the stream to a playlist. This is generally not useful, as the stream never "ends", so your playlist will never go to the "next" song. Be patient.
  3. Install the TiVo Desktop software on your Mac.
  4. Use the TiVo Desktop preference pane to tell your Mac to share your internet radio playlist.
  5. In the TiVo, go to Music and Photos > (your computer) > (your playlist) > (your stream)
  6. Play!