Slug: too-late Date: 2004-07-31 Title: Too Late layout: post

from #wordpress

[10:03am] redmonk: i'm not here to start a language war
[10:03am] redmonk: we're doing all our cororate stuff in php
[10:03am] photomatt: Too late, I already launched the missles
[10:03am] shade_: grab a code helmet.. incase it happens?
[10:03am] photomatt: Damn red button
[10:03am] shade_: oh god
[10:03am] shade_: take cover!
[10:04am] redmonk: runs, as the klaxons sound
[10:04am] shade_: screams like a girl
[10:04am] photomatt: * Halfway there, the PHP missles
run out of memory
[10:04am] redmonk: falls over laughing
[10:04am] shade_: getting back his manhood