Slug: trying-to-understand Date: 2005-10-01 Title: Trying to understand layout: post

I took a few minutes to google 'deaf blogs' today, trying to find somewhere to help me understand a bit of what my amazing, beautiful, hard-of-hearing soon-to-be-daughter may go through growing up. (If that was a bit hard to follow, sorry - it's the head space I'm in right now.)

It's a whole other world, the Deaf community. I don't know if we'll end up raising Adelina with the focus being there or not… but I want to understand more. Understand her experiences, understand how to help her acquire language after all the delays, understand how to help her life be as full and complete as it can be - knowing that her life will be lived out with a foot each in two worlds.

I'm working hard to trust that Jodi, Adelina and I will work out our own way forward, the one that is right for us. I feel the Lord asking me to trust Him, and I'm trying.