Slug: tuesday-ride Date: 2002-09-11 Title: Tuesday Ride layout: post

I finally got the flat tire on my bike fixed today, and headed out for a ride this evening. I was feeling good, had the Camelbak, and was going to do a quick 4 mile ride to get my legs back.

Oy. My 4 mile ride was to take me around the block… instead of turning south again for the third leg, I kept going east. At the next block (1 mile apart) I thought I'd turn south. For some reason (still wondering why) I didn't… so it was 3 miles later that I finally turned south. My ride turned out to be 10 miles, which ain't much for Seth ;), but it 'bout killed me! On top of the extra distance, my back tire developed a slow leak. I made it home fine, but my sagging tire made for slow, painful riding.

Anyway, I'm still glad I made the ride, but I am most definitely going to be feeling it in a couple days!