Slug: unfortunately-steve Date: 2006-02-10 Title: Unfortunately Steve layout: post

Heh. Meme-fun from Wolf

Passed along from a GoogleFriend, it’s surprisingly wacky to Google your first name, prepending “unfortunately”

Here’s “Unfortunately Steve”:

  • Unfortunately, Steve will be incarcerated the entire time - you better believe I will be
  • Unfortunately, Steve doesn’t provide examples of Apple’s crappy products - there are crappy Apple products?
  • Unfortunately, Steve, the barley straw trick requires bright sunlight to break the humics from the straw down into algicidal by-products - dammit, why doesn’t anyone tell me these things beforehand?
  • Unfortunately, Steve could not come due to a “last minute budget freeze” - the wife has my credit cards
  • Unfortunately Steve didn’t make it into professional football - I was just too good for them
  • Unfortunately Steve died a second time after foiling the plot in question - but the memorial service was really nice