Slug: unsubfollowscribing-day-3ish Date: 2009-11-18 Title: Un-sub-follow-scrib-ing Day 3-ish layout: post

So, this is day 3-ish of my attempt to cease “reading The Whole Internet” and focus more on my family and spiritual life.

Progress: I’ve spent that last couple mornings reading my Bible instead of The Whole Internet, and it has actually been a really sweet time. Nevertheless, during the workday, when my attention wanders or I’m due for another cup of caffeine, I start looking for the Tweetie icon. Also, with the release of TypePad Micro from work, I’ve got another distraction to deal with. Wondering if I’m going to start writing more as my reading has been cut way back. #unexpected

Current Status: Jonesing for a feed reader fix.