Slug: unsubfollowscribing Date: 2009-11-16 Title: Un-sub-follow-scrib-ing layout: post

I’m performing a personal experiment.

From yesterday until after Dec 31st, 2009, I’ve unfollowed everyone on Twitter, closed Tweetie, removed it from my iPhone, unsubscribed from every one of my (only 92) feeds in Google Reader, and removed it from my bookmarks bar. I removed Facebook from my iPhone, and unfollowed everyone on TypePad.

It’s a test, sort of. How much is “reading the internet” conflicting with my family and spiritual life? When I’ve got the itch for interaction, what ought to be scratching it? When I’ve got that nerd-ish “need input” thing going on, how much better would it be to get it from the sources that matter most - God and family? This isn’t a rejection of my own nerdiness, but perhaps an experiment in healthier relating?

So, if you got an unfollow notice, don’t stress. It’s not you, it’s me.