Slug: update-21-things-i-want-in-a-lover-iphone Date: 2007-07-04 Title: “Update: 21 Things I Want in a Lover - iPhone” layout: post

Updated from my last list, now that the "work of nearly indescribable beauty" has been released:

  • Fits in a normal-sized pocket
  • A distinct absence of Windows(tm)
  • A navigation system based in user-experience reality
  • Able to run, quickly, an appropriately standards-compliant web browser
  • Likewise an email client
  • Likewise some form or news/rss reader
  • Has a decent camera (~2mp for mobile pics)
  • Might as well play real music
  • And video, since it's MY list
  • Sync all applicable content (contacts, feeds, bookmarks, music, video)

    with my Macs (Yes, more than one) (half points)

  • Bluetooth 2.0

    , compatible with Bluetooth keyboards &/or mice (half points)

  • Capable of being managed with one hand for non-data-entry tasks
  • Have a *usable* keyboard/thumbboard for data-entry/web/email/IM
  • Is a Quad-band phone, since you never know where you'r going to be
  • Multi-tasking capable (my rss reader, IM, and email better be able to work simultaneously)
  • A decent speaker so that my alerts (incoming call or otherwise) are crisp even when not loud
  • *Is itself a work of nearly indescribable beauty*

Still missing:

  • Able to use a wifi connection for data and voice traffic when available
  • Likewise a multi-protocol IM client
  • A bright, 720 x 480 (or better) resolution screen
  • Some form of presence management (busy/away/available/driving)