Slug: using-blogvia Date: 2007-07-31 Title: “Using blog:via” layout: post

After coming up with a solution to how to implement the blog:via machine tag on this site, I turned my attention this morning to how to do something interesting with it.

Since I used a custom field to implement adding machine tags to posts, I looked for a way to easily search values in those fields. I found a Wordpress plugin - Search Custom Fields - that lets me search the values in a custom field by appending key=<custom field name>.

As you can see from that uri (try it out), the search term now applies to the custom field, not the post content. But searching for all posts with ‘blog:via’ is not that interesting. If you check out this post page, I’ve tweaked the machine tags display so that next to each “blog:via” is a “more” link that takes you to a list of posts that were via that URL:


It’s not perfect yet - with my implementation (a ‘machinetags’ custom field with ‘blog:via=’ value), I can’t actually search for “machine tag where the tag is blog:via and the value is <url>”. I may yet switch to a “blog:via” custom field.

Also, geeks ahoy! I’ve started a page on for blog: machinetags.