Slug: very-small-formats Date: 2007-01-09 Title: Very Small Formats layout: post

As a few of my readers may have discerned, I've gotten a bit obsessed with microformats lately. Microformats are simple ways to add machine (searchengine, browser-plugin)-readable information to normal, XHTML-based web pages. They are designed to be simple so that they are easy for authors and publishers to add to their content rather than having to support separate, more verbose content formats.

My first push into this field was the VoteBack initiative. VoteBack builds on the pingback and trackback technologies to auto-discover if the incoming link is a vote or not by parsing the link for rev="vote-for". VoteBack is based around the vote-links microformat, which is intended to easily encode the intention of a link, rather than the current "any-link-is-a-good-link" model.

In other areas, I finally got around to rewriting my [about page](/about-this-site/], wrapping up my contact info in an hcard, which is a microformat version of vcard. Because of this, I can direct you to the Technorati contacts feed which will grab the contact info from this site and let you add me to your address book.

There are a number of other services that provide or make use of microformats - a good place to start is the microformats wiki.

I'll be linking a lot more, at least for a while, to microformat-related stuff, and probably pushing and pulling parts of the site to conform more to the formats that are out there. If you're a web designer or developer, consider adding microformats to your sites and help us bootstrap the future of web applications.