Slug: vineyard-christian-fellowship-of-tempe Date: 2003-05-08 Title: Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Tempe layout: post

Web, Graphic Design: <img –=”–” src=”<!–#enclosure linkonly=” true”=”true"” urlonly=”true” />" alt="VCFT Redesign" width="237" height="193" align="right" border="0"> I've been working with the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Tempe (VCFT) in Tempe, Arizona, on a new website. The old site was a very basic static HTML site, managed largely by a single staff member.

The church wanted a new site with a fresh design that echoed the values of the church, especially in the area of relationships. We've created a dynamic site built on the Conversant internet groupware product, that enables the church to add new content quickly and easily, as well as manage news, announcements, upcoming events, and other resources.

The site uses several weblogs as channels of information, and includes as well a calendar of recurring events. The client is pleased with the results and is already looking foward to further enhancements both technically and content-related.