Slug: voodoopad-to-bookmarks Date: 2006-02-08 Title: VoodooPad to Bookmarks layout: post

~stevenf wrote a post about how he's using VoodooPad to store information on his Treo. Very neat. I've become a VoodooPad junkie as well, and – while it's not as neat as Steven's trick – I have a little trick I've whipped up to export a voodoopad document as a singel bookmarks page that I use as my browser's homepage.

I hacked the template and stylesheet of the included GMDC Blog plugin, so that all the pages that are linked from the document's index get included in the home page (the original plugin does this) but I stripped it down so that the blocks of links wrap to the page width.

Then I wrote an Applescript that lives in VoodooPad's script menu that exports the document to /Library/WebServer/Documents/, using my plugin. Now whenever I want some new link available, I drop it in bookmarks.vdoc, and exportBookmarks. Easy.

Oh, I also mark all my stuff up as Markdown, and export the content as such (a setting in the export window).

Download the plugin: GMDCHack

My export script: exportBookmarks