Slug: waking-up Date: 2009-04-30 Title: Waking Up layout: post

Kids are in the other room, watching Bolt. Jodi’s headed out to run errands, and if you’ve been following my tweets (seemingly the only place I post these days) you’ll know that I’m laid up with a bad back. Which, frankly, sucks.

I’m generally a healthy person - I’m no paragon of fitness or anything, but I do ok for the late-thirties nerd set. So waking up Monday morning with a stabbing pain between the shoulder blades was an unpleasant surprise. Two visits to the chiropracter on Monday provided temporary relief, but I awoke Tuesday morning in even more pain, and Tuesday is the chiro’s day off. So, I took some sage advice and instead of spending the day in front of the computer, jacking up my upper back even more, I spent the day in bed.

This would have been great, had I not also decided that I’d take some Tylenol plus codeine leftover from a previous bout of dental surgery. Bad idea. Not only did it make me completely loopy, I had a bad reaction and it left me throwing up all day.

Sigh. Today finds me better, but still hurting, trying to find the combination of heat, cold, rest, work, and double-strength Motrin that will let me continue to be a productive member of society.