Slug: wallrazer Date: 2011-01-02 Title: Wallrazer layout: post

For 2011, I’m going indie. I’m hanging my shingle at, and I’m actually pretty excited about the prospects.


This is a big deal for me – I haven’t been outside a “regular” job for about 7 years. Mostly I’ll be doing contract web development in Movable Type, python, and Django. This will be my bread and butter most of the time. I’m getting some leads from fellow ex-Aparters, and I love that while the brand may be dead, the community isn’t.

I also want to put more time into helping to promote Open Web technologies and the indie web. I’m hoping to make it out to IndieWebDay and meet with other folks who care about helping site operators own their data: more homesteading, less sharecropping!

Ultimately, I want to develop some ideas I’ve got to put these ideas into code, and release as much of that as possible as open source. As principal of my own company, I get to say when I can release code. YES.