Slug: weblog-greatest-hits Date: 2004-07-27 Title: Weblog "Greatest Hits" layout: post

Joi Ito links to a post by Seth Godin who mentions the idea of "greatest hits", or weblog posts that you (as the blogger) think people should read first when coming to your site.

>I think that making a "greatest hits" page easier to create makes sense. I personally like wiki pages for that sort of thing, but I could imagine it being built into a tool. Another thing people do is to put a sidebar section of favorite items and permalink from there.

Interesting idea, and I think this would be pertty easy to accomplish in WP with 1) a custom field for favorite posts - say "fav", set to 1, true, or "oh yeah baby" - and 2) a small bit of SQL to pull the list of posts and link to them. Wonder if anyone wants to build it?