Slug: weblogger Date: 2002-12-18 Title: Weblogger layout: post

I suspect I'm turning into a not-very-good weblogger. There's a certain thought process, a certain tendency, that I've had before and now seem to lack.

I'm sure that being unemployed has made my brain sloopy and undiciplined… I've tried to stay up to speed on certain projects, but one by one my pet projects are suffering neglect. My weblog is one of them.

I did redesign the redmonk site, which was fun, but right now Sid doesn't work with the new weblog plugin so I can't use it for this weblog (monkinetic). I'd spend time hacking it to work but the new rpc interface is not done yet.

All in all, I think I'm mildly depressed. It's an explanation that seems to fit my symptoms, but I'm not entirely sure. I am definitely lacking in motivation.