Slug: weblogs-and-computer-books-part-deux Date: 2003-04-06 Title: Weblogs and Computer Books, Part Deux layout: post

Dori responds to my earlier post with some good points.

Dori's an author and doesn't use her weblog as a professional outlet, therefore my criteria for a author/weblogger don't work in her case. Good point, and I'll say that being able to read her blog still lets me get to know her "voice", and get to know her better. So I'll concede her point, and say that not every author is going to have a blog about their writing, but I'd still like the author to have a blog of some sort.

I like to think of this as my place to vent and have fun, not as a site that represents me professionally. I hate to think that I have to write authoritatively here about JavaScript and Java and Macs just to impress future possible book purchasers.