Slug: weblogs-and-computer-books Date: 2003-04-06 Title: Weblogs and Computer Books layout: post

Scoble says he was told that Jim Fawcette (of Fawcette Publishing) thinks weblogs are a waste of time.

Well, Jim, look at it this way. I read a lot of technical books, most of which I get from the library. The next computer book I buy (they’re expensive!) will have a blogger as the author. This is because I’m going to want to know first if the author is an authority on his topic. I’m going to want to know her voice and her opinions before spending my $$ and more, my time, letting her tell me how to write software or do my job better. It’s possible that author is going to have a profound influence on my career. Do I trust them?

If I’ve been following their blog I will.