Slug: webservicescoreframework Date: 2002-09-14 Title: WebServicesCore.framework layout: post

Whew. Well, it's 2:17 am and I finally got this thing working I think. If you're seeing this on the home page, then I've finally got Sid moved over from the old XML-RPC framework I was using to Apple's new WebServicesCore framework.

WebServicesCore wraps both the XML-RPC and SOAP remote procedure call systems in a moderately easy to use API. It's a bit opaque in certain crucial places and could use some documentation.

Anyway, Sid now launches faster. I've also made some other interface tweaks, including enabled spell-checking in the post form, and fixed some spacing issues and such that had been driving me nuts.

I still need to fix the whole history/drafts system, and finally get the ping XML-RPC call working. (The world must know when I update!)

Ok, if this post makes it, I'm going to bed! Even if it doesn't, screw it, I'm going to bed!

PS: Seth / Greg, if you see this - when I first posted this, all it said was "table:3 items". The post before this never did that. (The apologies post) Is there some thing in this post that would be screwing up the system? (I had to paste this in in the browser…)