Slug: weekend-projects Date: 2005-03-07 Title: Weekend Projects layout: post

This was a project weekend. There were a nummber of projects I'd been slacking on, and finally got to working on Saturday and Sunday.

  • L.T.'s dresser, which used to look like this, has been completely stripped and this weeked got both a coat of primer and a coat of white high-gloss.
  • The dresser also got a new top, thanks to Lowe's and a neighbor's router. Oh, and I managed to slice my finger open on the router bit. A trip to Ugent Care and some Dermabond later, I'm back in business. Ew.
  • We recently got a new sectional sofa, and ordered a new bed. The bed came in yesterday, and we picked it up and put it together. This, of course, meant re-arranging the master bedroom and moving pictures around the house.
  • I also primed and started painting a set of shelves to go in LT's room.
  • Plastered the hole in the back of LT's closet where I had to pull wire for the hall lights…

That seems to be it. Long weekend. Ready for the week. :-)