Slug: were-here Date: 2001-10-22 Title: We’re here layout: post

And we're mostly in one piece. I'm writing this post on, yes, my new TiBook, christened "Ti Fighter". I love that you can name your Mac. I'm going to ramble.<p>

The trip was, as most 2390 mile trips are, exhausting. Dad and I drove… a lot. Here's a quick breakdown:<p>

Thursday: start at 4:30 am EST, drive 700+ miles from Portsmouth, VA, to just past Nashville, TN (14 hours in the truck). Friday: start at 5:00 am EST and drive 700+ miles to just past Oklahoma City, OK (14 hours). Saturday: start at 5:00 am CST and drive 800 miles to Flagstaff, AZ (15.5 hours). Sunday (today!??): start at 7:00 am PST (Arizona does not do DST so it's on PST now) and drive 120 miles to Phoenix, AZ (2.5 hours).<p>

We unloaded the stuff that went into storage. I returned the auto-transport and we drove over to the apartment complex. dropped the U-Haul off and went to lunch. Came back after the leasing office opened (1 pm) and did the paperwork. Sam Shoen (new boss and all around awesome fellow) , Matt Diaz, and Jim Burgess helped Dad and I move the remaining ton and a half (or so <grin>) of stuff from the truck into the second floor apartment.<p>

Well, everyonee is gone, Dad is at a hotel near Sky Harnor Airport, and I'm here feeling wasted but glad to be sleeping in my own place tonight. Granted, it's complete chaos, but I got the bed put together and I've been surfing on the TiBook and eating cold pizza.<p>

Well, that's about all I have energy for tonight. More later. Ciao.</p></p></p></p></p>