Slug: whose-responsibility-is-it Date: 2002-03-15 Title: Whose responsibility is it? layout: post

Andrew Grove responds to Hollywood:

"Is it the responsibility of the world at large to protect an industry whose business model is facing a strategic challenge?" [...] "Or is it up to the entertainment industry to adapt to a new technical reality and a new set of consumers who want to take advantage of it?"

Preach it brother. Remember, Jack Valenti: The customer is always right.

Peter Chernin of News Corp (same link):

"We may be stupid but we're not idiotic. We're not going to offer ways for people to go and loot our content."

So don't. Take your content and go home, and watch it be replaced overnight. Let's see how fast you go down. You know what, Peter? I got my own news corp right here.