Slug: wired-after-all-these-years Date: 2003-07-09 Title: Wired, after all these years layout: post

Well, after a couple years of enjoying wireless Net access at home, I found myself at Best Buy tonight buying one of those special workhorses of the wired world: a Netgear E104TP 4 port hub.

These things bred like mice at the last two full-time jobs I had - we never had enough computers in our cubes, and were constantly scrounging for workstations and servers that were being replaced, and which eventually found their way to the underside of one of our worktables, plugged into one of many of these Netgear hubs, and were put to use as workstations, web servers, or game servers. smile

This time, the hub is going to help me stay online during the workday by letting me expand the two ethernet ports in the local computer lab to a total of 4. Wooo!