Slug: wo Date: 2000-05-23 Title: WO! layout: post

Aw, shucks

In response to something I wrote in this post, I got this response from Matt Neuberg, wise "Frontier" guru and Author of The Book. Yeesss!

Of course, I think I got it from "Dave". It's stuck with me.


"Jim" was at WWDC 2000 (I think?), and is all aquiver over WebObjects' new pricing, and I can't wait to hear what he has to say about it!

I've been editing this site with "Pike", and the "CamBlog" with "BLOGGER". Veeeeeery interesting.

Java, XML, etc

"Josh" and I have been corresponding about Java, Turbine, and webMacro. (See yesterday for links.) I'm hoping to learn a lot!


I love a good thunderstorm. But not on Monday morning. Bleagh.