Slug: wordpress-thumbnail-html-addition-for-uploadphp Date: 2004-08-17 Title: “WordPress: Thumbnail HTML addition for upload.php” layout: post

(This post is copied from this one on the support forums, I want to make sure my WordPress code has a home on this site.)
The Context: WordPress allows you to upload images, optionally creating a thumbnail of the image automagically.

The Problem: The handy HTML it gives you after uploading an image does not include any reference to the thumbnail.

The Solution: I modified wp-admin/upload.php so that, if you specify a thumbnail, it will find the size of the thumbnail and create HTML that displays the thumbnail image, wrapped with a link to the original image. It actually gives you two versions of the HTML - the first has the thumbnail code included, the second is the same HTML that the page used to generate.

There's a pseudo "diff" here:

I'd be very interested in feedback. I've tested it on my server, and it seems to work fine.