Slug: workbench Date: 2004-08-04 Title: Workbench layout: post

I love having a wife who works for a construction company. Every so often Jodi will call me and say "hey we've got <cool construction materials> here for free if you want them". So the other day she calls and they've got some cabinetry they're getting rid of. I went over and got a cabinet with a couple drawers and doors in it, and two shelves. After acquiring a 4x8 sheet of CDX plywood, and the judicous application of Liquid Nails and threaded fasteners, I managed to construct a very servicable workbench, replacing the lower half of an old credenza I'd been using.
my new workbench

It was a fun project, especially since Jodi came out and sat in a beach chair and read to me while I worked. I love being married!