Slug: working-from-work Date: 2008-09-10 Title: Working from (!Work) layout: post

One of the things I’m interested to ask the [working from !work] portion of the greater inter-verse about is: where do you work?

I plan on spending most of my time in my home office (affectionately referred to as “Six Apart Phoenix”), but it’s always good (I’m told) to have a few places off site to repair to when the need for focus and/or space requires it. Options so far seem to include:

The Local CoFi (coffee+wifi purveyor)

SBUX, or more likely, Coffee Rush, which provides free wifi and cheaper lattes.

The Local Co-Working Facility

Gangplank is a local shop that opens its doors for co-working. NIce guys, a Wii, etc.

Looking for ideas/suggestions

steveivy at google mail…