Slug: working Date: 2003-12-06 Title: Working! layout: post

Wow. I'm really tired, but really happy.

I've completed my first 5 days at Re-Mac (Mon to Wed last week, and Thurs and Fri this week - with a break for holidays and the flu in there) and I completely love it.

I never thought I wanted to be in sales. Maybe I'd never sold the right thing. I love selling Macs!

I got to take apart an eMac today as part of replacing the logic board (did not get to put it back together or actually change the board - "baby steps to the elevator…") and can see why our tech hates them. A real PITA to disassemble/reassemble.

I think I've got a really good onsite manner. I've done 5 on-sites in as many workdays - delivering and configuring machines for clients, troubleshooting no-boots, installing and configuring OS updates. I like that part of the job a lot, and I'm learning a lot. So far the clients seem to respond well, which is good! smile

I'm not making much right now (may never - it is retail after all) but I'm loving it. I'm comfortable enough with the point-of-sale software now for 90% of the sales we do, and the rest I'll get as I need it.

    More notes:
  • Apple's products sell themselves. Seriously. I watched a customer today sit and giggle as he played with an iPod for the first time. Everything on his face said "If I get it for my wife, I get to play too!"
  • Nothing can overstate the visual stopping power of a 17" Powerbook.
  • The inside of a Powermac G5 is about the second coolest thing in the store. (The aforementioned 17" Powerbook being the first.)
  • Altec Lansing makes a $100 set of computer speakers that can really put out some oomph. Niiiice.

Ok, 'nuf for tonight. Later!