Slug: wwdc-rumors-are-flying Date: 2003-06-20 Title: WWDC Rumors Are Flying… layout: post

…about what's in store for the Mac geeks attending WWDC. Rosai Group has some lovely tidbits here. quoteA new open file system design features reduced dependencies on HFS+, and a new Finder departs from its System 7 origins to bring an extensible architecture, smart folders (think Smart Playlists)endquote And… quote…Panther will eventually deliver the ability to remotely log into a 10.3 server as a graphic user interface shell, allowing users to work remotely from a thin client while leaving the heavy processing on an Xserve.endquote and… quoteSimilarly, multiple users will be able to log into the same system as graphic user interface shells at once, enabling quick, and even instantaneous, switching between multiple users on the same machine.endquote

Could be fun… smile