Slug: xmas-letter-jodi Date: 2002-12-15 Title: xmas letter - jodi layout: post

Peace and blessings to our family members and dear friends! We truly serve a loving, holy, and awesome God whose blessings never cease and whose goodness knows no limit!

We hope to communicate some of the ways that He has blessed us in the past year or so.

We moved from Portsmouth, Virginia to Tempe, Arizona in October, 2001. We made this rather dramatic move because Steve accepted a position doing some specialized web development work for U-Haul in central Phoenix. God's grace was abundant from the beginning. Our house in Portsmouth sold fairly quickly. In Arizona, We found a wonderful church within weeks and felt God knitting us into the body of Christ here.

In February, we bought a house in Gilbert, AZ a little further East from Tempe, in a lovely neighborhood with attractive lakes, walking paths,a park,and nice landscaping.

We really like it in Arizona especially the beautiful sunshine and drier weather. But mostly we felt that the Lord had His hand on us and brought us here to work out His purposes in us.

Jodi took a job working for Re-Mac Computers from January through May helping them launch their software training programs at two locations. It was an enjoyable job, but Jodi desired to focus on some other things and resigned in early May. Soon after that Steve lost the job at U-Haul (about mid-June), and our lives have taken some interesting and unexpected turns.