Slug: yeargh-project-management-software-needed Date: 2004-06-29 Title: Yeargh. Project management software needed layout: post

Ugh. I've just surveyed a small portion of the LAMP project management software world, and boy, is it in sad shape.

We need a temporary solution that will allow several project managers and a number of employees to:

  1. Track projects with a fairly comprehensive list of milestones
  2. Check off milestones as completed
  3. Ideally has a bookmarkable report of projects filtered (or at least sorted) by milestone

Also of course it would have the usual bits like users/groups, etc.

I don't really need:

  • Billing or cost estimating
  • Time tracking

I want something that is relatively intuitive (and I'm looking at Open Source? I know, I know…) and can be expained in 10 minutes. We're using PHP and MySQL in house, though I'm not married to PHP in this case. Installation needs to be easy, and configuration should ideally be web-based.

If any of you good readers have a suggestion, please comment or ping me at steve at contentconnections dot com. Thanks!!