Slug: yesterday-blew Date: 2003-04-25 Title: Yesterday Blew layout: post

Ok, I haven't had a really BAD (all capital letters) day for a long time until yesterday, and yesterday sucked.

First thing: dentist appointment for cleaning and checkup. No cavities (yay) but the root canal I had 2 years ago is still/re- infected, and I need oral surgery to hopefully fix it and save the tooth. Nothing like the idea of having your face cut into to put a pall on your day.

Second thing; As Jodi mentioned on her , we took our tabby cat Toby in to the vet yesterday to find out why he's been losing weight recently. After $300 of tests (he's worth it) the vet told us that Toby has advanced kidney disease and his kidneys are failing. We're putting him on a special diet, but he's not likely to be around a whole lot longer. This is really hard for us - Toby is an awesome cat with a ton of personality. The idea of him suffering, or not being around, is really hard - especially for Jodi, who's had him since he was an sweet, excitable little orange fluff.

Finally, Jodi got the word yesterday that, despite being one of the most qualified applicants for a position she applied for, she did not get it. The HR person was really sorry - I think she wanted Jodi to get the job - but it didn't happen. I think Jodi's mostly ok about it, but after everything else yesterday, it's still hard.

So, as you can see, yesterday sucked. Here's hoping today is better…